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Hidden Beauty

There are worlds underneath the surface of all things. Unseen beauty and universes lie hidden beneath the superficial covers of all nature. Behind the artist’s work, there is a light, an inspiration, an inner-structure both physical and ethereal that allows for creation – the gifting of life to something that was not there before.

Ápice is an homage to these hidden worlds, for underneath the soil lie the roots, the unseen structures of the plants that give life to all of us.

The story.

Before Ápice was born, we’d been interested in design that was not only elegant, but also functional so that its ease of use could help cultivate a relationship between person and plant. We were as meticulous about designing for the plants’ needs, as for the needs of the people who’d care for them. It was through this thinking that we came to an important realization – for someone to care for anything, and in this case a plant, they must first understand it. They must get to know it. To build empathy one must understand what’s going on beneath the surface.

With this idea in mind, we immediately knew that we had to create a piece that could showcase what’s beneath the surface, the roots. The roots of a plant are designed by nature to give stability to the plant, and are also the system from which the plant receives its nutrients from the soil. After studying the roots closely, and observing them over time, we realized that the roots are not only essential, but they are also mesmerizingly beautiful. Their forms and textures feel other-worldly and serene and by seeing the plants in their entirety, our relationship with them began to grow. The image in our minds of what a plant looks like began to change. This is what we wanted to achieve with Ápice; it is more than a planter, it is an object that challenges the viewer to see something they’ve seen since childhood, in a completely different light.

Underneath The Surface EP. 1 Sandra Weil

There are worlds underneath the surface